"Soulidays" with Jevon Dangeli, Transpersonal Psychology Coach

Luca Francia


Terzo di Danciano

c.s. Val di Pierle, 58

Il primo weekend di “Soulidays” è a tema “Open awareness”, “Piena consapevolezza” e sarà facilitato da Jevon Dangeli, psicologo transpersonale, trainer e coach per 20 anni e con clienti in tutto il mondo.

Invitation from the founder and creater of "Soulidays" Chiara Centioni:

November 20-22nd, 2020 The first weekend event of "Soulidays" - holidays for the soul - is called “Open Awareness” and is facilitated by Jevon Dangeli, Transpersonal Psychology Coach and Trainer for more than 20 years, but mostly an extraordinary, kind, awake human being.

With our first group, Jevon will do physical, mental and psychological work aiming to heighten awareness, expanding the mind and stimulating the body. The exercises will be done indoors and outdoors and are specifically designed to wake up the soul, energize, and teach practical skills to integrate into daily life back at home. The course is ideal for anyone who feels overwhelmed, stressed, o simply wants to get to know themselves better and be surprised by life. Jevon will teach the participants how to fully live their life reducing fear, in order to allow the expression of their most authentic selves.

The course takes place in the amazing frame of Terzo di Danciano, it starts on Friday night (arrival scheduled in the afternoon) and ends after Sunday lunch. What is included in the price: 2 nights at Terzo di Danciano, two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, unlimited spa use, and Jevon's program of course. Detailed schedule will be sent out to registered participants. The cost full board is 450 euros for a double room. We can't wait to have you here with us! Register: krisztivanslyke@gmail.com or whatsapp text: +39-349-471-1645 Event is in English with professional translation if needed. Jevon has been training international audience for 20 years.

We follow all COVID protocols and create as safe an environment as possible for you in this time of the unknown. In case an other lockdown happens or for COVID reason you can not attend, 100% of your money is refunded. Also it is possible to pay 250 euro deposit now and 200 euro by November 8th if that works better for you.

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